Friday, July 9, 2010

Uphill Battle

This morning, while planning the day, Raj suggested a 30 mile bike ride.

Out loud, I said “ Isn’t your tail bone bothering you? Won’t that be uncomfortable?”

In my mind, I said “30 miles? Hell no, I want to wear a dress today, look cute and relax.” Three hours later, I longed for the bike ride. Read more below. Hardest workout of my life!

Breakfast never really happened – we went to Zakey around noon for falafels, hummus and pita:) It was tasty, the decor was really cheesy, but the food was good and fast.

the climb 004 the climb 002the climb 003 After picking up iced coffee (note how fresh and clean I look) and checking out fun coffee mugs, we hopped in the car and drove about 30 miles west to Sleeping Bear Dunes. the climb 006the climb 005 

And then….we drove up to Lake Michigan Overlook, 450 feet above Lake Michigan—the views were spectacular and breathtaking. Immediately, we noticed the people running (yes running!) down the dunes and frolicking in the gorgeous water below.

While wearing a dress and carrying a camera, I thought, what the hell. We are in decent shape. As we passed SO MANY people crawling, on hands and knees, back up the dunes, I thought that they must be exaggerating and felt grateful for my regular exercise routine.

Um, yeah. About that. Ten feet up the climb, I wanted to sink into the sand and sit there forever. OK, I did sink into the sand, but luckily for only about five minutes. We would literally take thirty steps up the dunes  glacial hill and then rest. My heart was pounding, my dress was drenched and my sweat blurred my vision. An hour and some change later, we conquered the monster.

Start time: 2:39 pm

End time: 3:33 pm

Some little girl told me she did it in 26 minutes. Silly youth.

I want to go on a bike ride.

the climb 008

the climb 034 Turn around you crazy person! I felt bad for that guy on my left. Then I learned.the climb 031the climb 039the climb 045the climb 049the climb 047the climb 051

  The aftermath.

the climb 053 NOTE THE FLYING SHOE AND SOCK. Raj’s. He left it with me so he could trot ahead and take a picture of me on the tail end of our journey. I was none too happy and threw it at him. Take that.

the climb 059the climb 065 On a serious note, it felt great to climb this beast. It felt like quite an accomplishment and there was no way to quit once we started:)

We hit the road and stopped at the first place we saw, Gemma’s. We shared a BLT, fries and a HUGE lemonade.

the climb 070the climb 069 Four hours later, a pit stop at a cherry stand (haha), McDonalds and No Thai!, we are back in Ann Arbor and I am in desperate need of a shower!the climb 071the climb 072


  1. LOVE the picture of the sign .... it looks so beautiful there! I couldn't stop laughing about the hill!!

  2. You were warned! Sounds like fun, nevertheless.

  3. Lol, I paid no attention to the warning! It was fun:)



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