Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traverse City

A few years ago, Jamie and I ran a 10k. I remember passing a woman wearing a shirt that said “why run slowly when you can walk fast?” OK - maybe she passed me.

I am a slow poke when it comes to running. I get tired, I feel like I am running fast, but these feet barely make contact with air. But, that is OK. For a long time, I was mortified by my, um, patience with my pace, but who really cares? As long as I am moving, all is well. After running 3 miles in 34:36 at the gym, Raj and I shared Panera’s new Cuban chicken sandwich.
traverse 001
I am not a big meat eater and definitely can’t handle more than one kind of animal in my mouth (unless it is bacon, of course). This sandwich contained many slices of ham that were not advertised — how should I know the Chicken Cuban has ham? —after removing them, it was OK, but nothing special. The sweet pickles were good, but not enough to make me go back for more.

The frozen raspberry lemonade, however, was amazing! Loved it.
traverse 002
A few hours into the drive, we pulled over and ate at Subway. Typically, I get their veggie patty, but not all Midwest locations have them. Guess it being a big meat eating area and all. I had a veggie sandwich, topped with pepper jack cheese and honey mustard. Yummy:)
traverse 003
We checked into our hotel and are resting before heading out and exploring. Lots of great events going on, because it is the middle of the National Cherry Festival!


  1. OMG, Judy if you are going to eat at Panera call me and I will be your guide since that is where my main paycheck comes from (shocking true story I know). I am actually surprised you didn't go for the Strawberry Poppyseed salad since you can get that without chicken and it seems up your alley. Shame on the cashier for not fully informing you what was on the Cuban, I can list most of the ingredients in my sleep for our sandwichs/salads/etc.... I am going to correct you unless you went to some fancy Panera the lemonade was a frozen strawberry. I love the smell of it and hanging out at the barista counter is always fun. The Black Cherry smoothies are good too. (p.s. is it wrong that you and Raj share a Cuban yet I can throw down a whole one lol).

  2. Good to know and I stand corrected about the frozen drink:) I go there frequently, so I will have to call you the next time I am there. Jamie tried and loved the salad:)



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