Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday in Traverse City

Raj and I walked downtown, passed a team race –people dressed up themselves and a bed that they had to carry down the street!

Saw our future.

beach 003

We had treats at Morsels: velvet and satin, charlie brownie, quarter cup cake and tall on taste.

beach 004 beach 005

Stopped by Cherry Republic and sampled jams, peanut butter, BBQ sauce (yummy!) and chocolate covered cherries.

beach 006 beach 007 beach 008 beach 009 beach 010 beach 011

We ate a leisurely dinner at Poppycocks, a restaurant that uses local ingredients to shape their menu. The service was super slow, but the sweet potato chips and guacamole made it worth the wait. The soups were OK, the main dishes were pretty good, but I would have been happy with multiple orders of the chips:)

Descriptions taken from their site:

beach 012 Swiss chard and tomato soup, vegan Greek soup and black bean tortilla soup.beach 013

Sweet Potato Chips with Guacamole: Fire roasted tomatillo guacamole and cumin scented sweet potato chips drizzled with five pepper oil.

beach 014

Hangar Martini Steak: Hanger steak marinated with thyme infused Hangar 1 Vodka. Served with a gorgonzola-olive tapanade and local arugala

beach 015

Drunken Chicken: Red wine marinated chicken breast,sautéed mushrooms, basil risotto and crumbled chevré with a balsamic drizzle

beach 016 beach 017

And then:

People watched.

beach 031 beach 032


beach 024 beach 046

Bingo.Two games, two losses.

beach 048

Got spooked out by vines.

beach 056

Walked back to the hotel.

beach 053 beach 054 beach 055


  1. Love the new hair!! It looks great Jude!

  2. that cherry rum is yum, drank some with my coke on a soccer bus trip to Portland.

  3. Cherry rum!I like the sound of that;) Sounds like you might have had to hide what you were drinking. Being on a bus and all.



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